Program Managers

UniversalAET is here to help you, program managers

From cost containment and deadline pressures to managing multiple component suppliers, each with their own unique pressure points, if you are a project manager of a large-scale power initiative, you’re forced to deal with hundreds of risk factors in the management of a new or retrofit project.

UniversalAET can make the highly complicated project management process significantly easier for you by offering a total, custom-engineered air management solution that has been proven through more than a half century of power industry performance. By leveraging the strength of one of the industry’s leading suppliers of silencing, emission, filtering and enclosure products, you can dramatically reduce the number of required suppliers, simplifying integration and management steps. And, by using a proven, field-tested single supplier like UniversalAET, with our horizontally-integrated approach to project management and in-house manufacturing capabilities, you can reduce supply chain expenses and eliminate potential supply chain cost and risk factors.

With relationships in place with global component suppliers, UniversalAET can manage all aspects of your air management project, helping to reduce the supply chain risks often associated with large-scale energy projects; a true win-win for the project manager.