OEM Partners

UniversalAET is here to help you, OEM partners

In today’s complex energy environment, delivering a cost-effective quality solution to an industrial power or utility client often requires partnering with another organization. But how do you ensure your partner shares the same commitment to customer service, will respect your intellectual property and delivers equipment at the same quality level you insist on from your own manufacturing operations?

For more than half a century, UniversalAET has earned the reputation as a solid industry partner across the power generation, industrial processing oil & gas and rail transportation markets. That strong partnership approach has been extended to now include partners in the critical power/backup power markets as well. Delivering complete air management solutions that complement our partner’s solutions allows them to concentrate on their own core competency while still offering their customers the value of a total solution. Giving them access to markets they wouldn’t normally have enhances both our value and our partner’s success. Working with leading organizations to build on the solution we offer creates the ultimate win-win experience.

In short, we understand the complexities of effectively managing partner relationships, the requirement to deliver completely integrated solutions that exceed customer expectations and the need to protect the margins of all involved.