Fabrication and Machining Solutions for Locomotive

Universal AET's machining center, including our Machining Systems mill, provides us with the ability to machine products, such as flange surfaces or other components up to 72” wide, 72” high and 40" deep. This gives us the ability to completely weld large weldments together, utilizing AWS 15.1 railroad standards, and machine them to ensure the mating surfaces are flat and accurate. In addition, the mill has a rotary index table that can be positioned in 1 degree increments which allows Universal AET to be able to machine perpendicular surfaces with having to re-position the fixture manually. 

In addition, Universal AET is well suited to provide locomotive customers with additional products:

  • ASME code vessels for air brakes
  • mounting frames for engines
  • cab and wall assemblies
  • air ducts
  • air reservoirs
  • water tanks
  • stairs, railings and platforms