We have your enclosure solutions

The best enclosures to protect your critical power generation equipment.

Today’s power generation, oil & gas, and industrial and backup power providers recognize the value of having high quality, well-manufactured enclosures to protect critical power generation equipment. To prove this, more and more OEM companies, EPCs and industrial power manufacturers are turning to Ojibway Enclosures from UniversalAET to protect their key equipment.

UniversalAET can provide innovative Ojibway sound attenuating enclosures, fuel tanks and other metal equipment, custom-designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards in UniversalAET’s own manufacturing facilities.

UniversalAET can reduce cost, eliminate integration issues, offer better project management and deliver superior after-sale service with our total solution focus. By placing you first and listening to your quality, cost and delivery requirements, we can provide a better solution. We offer specially engineered acoustic enclosures as stand-alone components or as part of emission systems and filtration solutions. All options are matched to your specific needs and requirements that are delivered as a single solution. We promise you manufactured components with unmatched quality, complete engineering and design support, and more than a half-century of proven experience.

Our “You First” philosophy

Placing you first ensures we remain first as well due to our high regard to deliver the best products and services to all customers. With extensive industry knowledge, we have expertise and a proven record of success for customers requiring enclosures for emergency backup power systems. We are able to provide complete GenSet and electrical packaging services to help you deliver a complete backup power solution.

We can offer custom metal fabrication and enclosure design, field installation, retrofit and complete project management services.

The combination of our cutting-edge durable design and “you first” business philosophy results in custom-engineered enclosure solutions that meet or exceed your specific requirements – in design, functionality and overall cost.