Backup Power

Complete and Reliable Solutions

Backup power for today’s critical power users is far from a convenience. As power needs become more sophisticated and the equipment employed to meet those needs gets bigger and more powerful, companies are turning to more complete and reliable total enclosure solutions to house the backup generators and equipment they need to keep critical elements of their operation functioning in any type of emergency situation.

These complete solutions often include more than just a sound attenuating enclosure, and may contain separate ventilation silencing equipment and high performance exhaust silencers, as well as other components.

UniversalAET, with more than 50 years of industrial power generation experience, is the best source for complete air management and enclosure solutions for critical power needs. We have the engineering, structural and acoustic resources on-hand to guarantee you get the highest quality, custom-engineered solution to meet your exact needs. By ensuring delivery that is on-time, on-budget and with a warranty that will deliver peace of mind, your enclosure solution will meet the toughest sound attenuation and structural certifications to exceed the long-term reliability requirements of your project.