Acoustic (Silencing)

We have your acoustic solutions

Gas turbines and diesel engines have increased dramatically in size and output over the years to meet growing energy demand. Unfortunately, the corresponding noise level produced by these engines has risen as well. To meet rigorous noise and emission requirements, and protect plant personnel while maintaining optimal performance from their equipment, power generation engineers look to silencing leaders like UniversalAET for solid solutions.

With more than 50 years of global experience building silencing solutions for industrial, power generation and oil & gas use, UniversalAET is uniquely qualified to deliver the custom-engineered silencing solutions power producers need to meet market requirements while operating within safety and environmental constraints.

Starting with the highest quality silencing components, manufactured in-house to our rigorous standards, we deliver a complete, custom-engineered solution that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of any given project. From complete inlet systems to sound attenuating enclosures and exhaust silencers, UniversalAET can engineer, design, build, deliver, install and service the key components of a turbine or engine silencing solution.