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UniversalAETAchieves Million Hour Milestone

STOUGHTON, WIS. (Feb. 24, 2016) Universal Acoustic & Emission Technologies recently announced that it surpassed one million man-hours without a lost-time injury, an accomplishment that took over eleven months.

In total, Universal consists of three manufacturing facilities (Beloit, WI; Muscoda, WI; San Luis Potosi, Mexico), offices in the UK, India, and Singapore, plus the corporate office in Stoughton, WI. All of which contributed to this milestone. “All of our divisions together achieved this accomplishment. If one [location] had a lost-time injury then we all did,” states Bradley Jacobson, Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager.

“Our employees at Universal take great pride in safety whether it be in a manufacturing facility, field, or office setting. All areas can be dangerous if the proper behavior to details are not addressed,” says Tim McElfresh, Vice President of Global Operations.

Universal faced a number of challenges on the path to this accomplishment. The Beloit facility saw a surge in growth in early 2015 which is when it’s most likely to see an increase in lost-time occurrences according to Jacobson. Universal also began providing Field Services in 2015 where crews work on construction sites and require additional safety training for diverse hazards.

Cary Bremigan, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President, emphasizes the importance of keeping employees safe. “Many of our products are very large and heavy, making them difficult to manufacture and ship. This makes our manufacturing processes and equipment key elements in creating a safe working environment. The million hour achievement is a testament to how our employees embrace safety, safe work practices and team work to keep everyone safe,” states Bremigan.

Jacobson thrives to create a culture where safety is considered part of the value system. “We don’t want to say that safety is a priority to us. Your priorities change, but your value system doesn’t,” says Jacobson. “We look at [safety] as a value, and it’s a part of our culture.” He embraces the motto, “There’s nothing we do, that we can’t do safely.”

About UniversalAET

Universal is recognized worldwide for its custom-engineered total solutions for noise control, emissions and air filtration. Universal offers a complete range of services including the design, manufacture and installation of inlet and exhaust products used in the Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Industrial Processing, Critical Power, Data Center and Locomotive markets. We engineer solutions to our customers’ unique needs and back them with unparalleled immediate and long-term support. Our solutions not only meet environmental, regulatory and operational requirements, but help reduce costs, improve equipment efficiency, and eliminate safety and compliance risk.


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