UniversalAET is committed to developing products that help promote a cleaner environment as well as practices that encourage awareness of our responsibility to protect the earth’s natural resources.


UniversalAET is committed to exceed customer requirements and uphold a quality focused, safe and healthy environment for our employees. We will accomplish this through continuous improvement of management systems, prevention of pollution and compliance to all regulatory requirements.


UniversalAET believes that being a great company means more than just providing customers with products and services. We have a responsibility to act in the best interest of our employees, neighbors, communities and the world at large. We’re committed to making the world a better place. 

Eco-Friend Materials

     Eco-Friendly Materials

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              Collecting Cans                          Saving Trees by Recycling           Donating to Nature Conservancy


  • A Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) grant was applied for and awarded in May 2013 for the Profitable Sustainability Initiative (PSI). An ISO 14001 gap analysis was performed, and Universal is currently working on ISO 14001 preparation, with implementation targeted in 2015.
  • In conjunction with a new air compressor, a 3,000-gallon receiver tank and piping was installed specifically for the blast booth use. The project benefits are decreased pressure drop and increased blast efficiency, allowing us to eliminate a backup compressor.
  • We eliminated the use of paper coffee cups at Stoughton headquarters. All employees and visitors have access to reusable ceramic mugs.
  • A recycling program (paper, cans, pallets, scrap metal) is in place in all of our Wisconsin facilities.
  • UniversalAET's Green by Design initiative has drastically cut down on the use of paper invoicing.
  • We initiated our Green by Design sustainability program in 2010 with a goal to further emphasize our goals of improving our environment for everyone.